The 2012 Hyundai Genesis Ownership Experience Blog – Buying The New Car

by Future Auto Design

The Purchase

Three hours is all it took to part ways with my hard-earned down payment money, in exchange for some monthly installments and my first V8.

My local dealership did not have any 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedans on the lot, nor were they expecting any to arrive anytime soon.  I found this odd, since every other Hyundai dealership nearby had the ’12 sedans in stock.  The problem was finding a 5.0 R Spec model in the color I wanted:  BLACK.

I ended up finding six dealerships within 75 miles which had my car in stock.  The one I chose was approximately an hour away.  I called the sales manager, and the purchase process officially began.  The manager was super-friendly and easy to deal with.  I talked “price” and “financing” the day before arriving at the dealership, which saved me time, money and aggravation.  In this day and age, it is much easier to find a dealer who is willing to settle on a price online or over the phone, which is what I did.  Once I got confirmation of approximately how much I was to be charged, and since this amount was in my price range, I agreed to fax over a credit application.  I was basically approved before I even walked in the door the following day.

The dealership itself was small, but clean and modern.  It had a very professional atmosphere, though it definitely lacked the “caché” of some of its more upscale competitors.  And this is fine by me; I didn’t want to spend much time there to begin with, and I am hoping not to make many trips there after my purchase.  If that “dealership experience” helps keep Hyundai cars less expensive, then by all means, keep it!

I instructed the salesperson to inform the prepping crew not to touch the exterior of the car prior to delivery.  I even told him I’d prefer not to have the dealer-installed swirl mark package.  He looked at me and assured me they wouldn’t ruin the paint.  I stood up, walked over to another black R Spec which was on the showroom floor, not even 3 feet from where we sat, and showed him the top of the trunk lid.  It looked like someone had taken a brillo pad to the finish!  He acknowledged the condition of that car, and assured me they’d wouldn’t do that to my car.  Regardless, I insisted, and he agreed to leave the exterior prep to me.  Unfortunately, they didn’t prep the interior of the car either, but that was nothing a few hours of “personal-getting-to-know-you-time” couldn’t fix my first weekend with the car.

The Genesis I chose came with some options already installed; they were clearly dealer add-ons, but were included on the window sticker.   I asked the salesman to remove them, and was told they came like that from the shipyard.  I’m not sure that was the truth, but other than the subpar sunroof wind deflector, I was not too upset in paying a little under MSRP for an iPod cable, trunk liner and wheel locks, the latter two of which I planned on picking up anyway.  I asked them to remove the sunroof wind deflector and rear lazy H badge, which they did for me at no cost.

After I signed the papers, the salesperson informed me they had applied “undercoating” and “scotch guard” protection packages, but they hadn’t charged me for them. Good thing… because had he even mentioned it to me, it might have been enough for me to walk away.  Instead, I handed over $41,000 (plus tax, license, registration and doc fees), and received a couple of sets of smartkeys with pretty little H’s on them in return.

The Drive Home – Well, Sort of

After leaving the dealership, I drove home – approximately an hour’s drive. I decided on a route that mixed highways and backroads, as I had read in the owner’s manual that one shouldn’t drive at constant speeds for a long period of time during the “break-in” period. It also mentioned to keep the revs between 2,000 and 4,000 RPM. After missing a couple of turns due to a) my unfamiliarity with the navigation system “timing” and b) being slightly in awe of my new purchase, I was cruising on the highway.

The ride home was uneventful, except for the ridiculous grin on my face, and the fact that I drove the car straight to my local detailer instead of home.  The detailer was in charge of my exterior new car prep, window tinting and rebadging, which I’ll cover in my next blog.

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